Squishville by Squishmallows Random 2-Inch Mini-Plush Accessory Set - Beach

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This adorably squishy accessory set features your favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size.

  • Squeeze your Mini-Squishmallows plush in and out of hilarious places with this fun assortment.
  • The plush Squishville toy world is made with super-soft filling making it the coziest place on earth.
  • Customize and decorate your Squishville plush toy world with the Kitchen, Playroom, Picnic, Camping, and Playground themes.

Each accessory set comes with 2 accessories matching its theme, like a fridge and sink in the Kitchen theme. Add 5 of your Squishmallow plush favorites like Hans, Esmeralda, and Danny to your world of squish in their new 2-inch size. 

  • Includes 1 x 2-inch Mini-Squishmallow plush characters, 2 x Themed Accessories.
  • Suitable for All Ages.