My Little Pony Smashin' Fashion Royal Premiere Set

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These ponies are poppin! Smashin' Fashion Royal Premiere set features 4 royal pony figures that are fully poseable for wild and crazy adventures. Ponies comes with over 40 fashion accessories, including 4 hidden outfit accessories! Place the 4 included Smashin' Packs on a flat surface (front side up) and smash them to see them expand, then POP! Each bag will pop to reveal a character-inspired fashion accessory and friendship balloon. Imagine Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Shining Armor are getting ready for an exciting royal movie premiere! Figures come with fashion accessories including dresses, shoes, sunglasses, headbands, belts, and a tuxedo. 4 of the outfits are hidden inside the Smashin' Pack for an exciting unboxing reveal!