Transformers BotBots Ruckus Rally Series 6 Collectible Singles

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Imagine joining the motorized mayhem by trying to find rare oil-inspired racer bots from the Oil Slicks squad hidden inside select packs! With the Oil Slicks in the driver's seat, the race is on! 

Energon hit a shopping mall and the ordinary objects inside came to life as little converting Transformers robots, called BotBots! Now, BotBots squads are off to the races in Ruckus Rally, a wacky road rally to prove who's the fastest squad! The squads team up with a new crew called the Oil Slicks, a squad of racer bots with a need for speed! Robots measure 3/4-inches to 1 1/2-inches tall. Ages 5 and up.

Each pack includes one transformable bot bot figure