Transformers BotBots Ruckus Rally Series 6 Collectible Singles Multipack of 24

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Imagine joining the motorized mayhem by trying to find rare oil-inspired racer bots from the Oil Slicks squad hidden inside select packs! With the Oil Slicks in the driver's seat, the race is on! This multipack includes 24 individually packaged mystery figures, including 2 guaranteed rare oil-inspired raced bots!

Energon hit a shopping mall and the ordinary objects inside came to life as little converting Transformers robots, called BotBots! Now, BotBots squads are off to the races in Ruckus Rally, a wacky road rally to prove who's the fastest squad! The squads team up with a new crew called the Oil Slicks, a squad of racer bots with a need for speed! Robots measure 3/4-inches to 1 1/2-inches tall. Ages 5 and up.