Transformers Cyberverse Battle Call Trooper Wildwheel

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With Battle Call Trooper Class figures, kids can lead the charge to action with voice-activated Energon Power lights and attachable Energon Armor. Your voice initiates the Battle Call! Activate pulsing lights in Wildwheel figure's chest with voice activation. Figure stands 5 1/2-inches tall in robot mode.

As an intergalactic outlaw, he committed thousands of crimes on thousands of planets just to get back home to Cybertron. Now, he is seeking revenge on the one Autobot he blames for leaving him behind – Optimus Prime. Wildwheel crash-landed in the American Wild West after a devastating attack on the Ark. While there, he learned to be an expert sharpshooter who can draw his blasters at the drop of a hat. Includes: Figure, 6 accessories, and instructions.