Transformers Earthspark 1 Step Flip - Breakdown

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Experience a Transformers conversion like never before with the Transformers: EarthSpark 1-Step Flip Changer Breakdown action figure! Convert the Breakdown toy from robot to racecar mode by flipping the bot into the air! When the robot toy sticks the landing after an exciting 1-step flip motion, the conversion to racecar mode is complete. With a 1-step manual conversion, kids can convert from racecar mode back to bot mode—then do it all over again! Look for more 1-Step Flip Changers Transformers action figures (each sold separately, subject to availability) featuring popular characters from the Transformers: Earthspark show, an animated series that centers on two human kids as they forge a connection with Transformers robots like never before and work alongside fan favorites like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee! Great gifts for kids 6 and up!